Belgium Engine Center

BEC is a one-stop shop for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services.

We provide a complete, single MRO solution through a wide range of in-house repair capabilities customizable according to our customers’ needs. Our spare parts provisioning and trading offer shorter lead times and off-the-shelf readiness, while our engineering and logistics services are targeted to reduce overall cost for our customers.

World-Class Leader in MRO Services

BEC is a Center of Excellence for the MRO of the F100-PW engine in all its configurations (100/200/220/220E/229). With comprehensive in-house nondestructive testing and component repair capabilities, BEC provides a single, whole MRO solution for every customer requirement.

The synergies of these capabilities provide a complete solution in a central location, resulting in competitive turnaround times and pricing.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Belgium Engine Center is proud of its Corporate Social Responsibility engagements with regards to social, environmental, ethical and economic concerns. This policy is applicable to all employees of our company, and guides and inspires our day to day activities through compliance with the consequent legal and ethical obligations.

Two essential elements, “compliance” and “proactivity’ inspire this policy as it applies to five main domains: commercial practices, people, sustainable development, innovation and good governance.

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Our Facility

Location: Herstal (Belgium), 16 km (10 ml) from Liége Airport, one of the main cargo hubs in Europe.

Surface: 10,500 m2 (~113,000 ft2)

State-of-the-art plant inaugurated in 2008